Christmas is fast approaching, and we’re ready for a few weeks of gift shopping, family get-togethers and work christmas parties! All those festivities can be a strain on the wallet. But did you know your wallet could be putting a strain on your back?!


Back Pocket Problems

Many of us have the habit of keeping our wallet in our back pocket. It’s easy access, secure, and doesn’t get in the way when you sit down. No problem, right? Wrong! Keeping your wallet in your back pocket means that every time you sit down, you’re effectively sitting on a wedge. You inadvertently put yourself into a lopsided sitting position, as your body leans away from your wallet and your head stays positioned centrally over your pelvis. A twist in your pelvis can not only cause lower back problems, but it can have a knock on effect all the way up your spine, into your neck and head.

This problem isn’t just linked to big fat wallets, but also to mobile phones. As simple solution is to remove your wallet or phone from your back pocket before sitting down. Avoid triggering back pain, or even sciatica in the future.



Back pain or sciatica affects 70-80% of people worldwide at some time in their lives. This is pain which starts in the lower back, and radiates from the hip and buttocks down the leg. If you are experiencing symptoms like these, come in for a chat with the chiropractor and see what we can do to help.