So last week we talked about ways to relieve back pain. Today we are going to tell you our tips for preventing it from springing up in the first place! Back pain is an unfortunate but common part of many people’s daily life. In particularly bad cases, your GP can prescribe medication or refer you for investigation or treatment. But there are many ways you can address the issue, before it gets bad enough to go to your GP. Read on to find some helpful tips.



Some workout routines can be great for alleviating back pain – and building strength to help avoid injuries. Gentle mobility like swimming can help when lower back pain has flared up. The cold water gives added relief by calming built-up inflammation. For long-term management, regular Yoga can improve your flexibility and prevent some muscle strains. Look into what classes might be available in your local area. Or you can start at home by watching videos on Youtube – Yoga With Adriene has some great beginners Yoga videos which you can do in the comfort of your own home. She even has some that are specifically designed for Back Pain.


Watch Out

Are back or joint injuries are something that you are prone to getting? This could be down to genetics or to lifestyle. If this is you, then seeing a chiropractor for a regular check up could help you manage or even prevent the onset of pain. They will be able to notice any issues in your musculoskeletal system which may be causing your pain. These issues could be corrected with treatment and small changes to your daily life. The chiropractor can help you to lessen the risk of injury and pain in the future, and give you advice on how to manage it day-to-day.


Some of the most common back injuries we see in our patients are caused by lifting things in the wrong way. It might seem like a simple thing, but it can cause big problems! Putting thought and care into how you lift heavy things can go a long way to preventing an injury or making an existing one worse. We always advise two techniques of lifting. The golfer’s lift can be used for small items. Or if the item is larger, squat with a straight back, and use the power of your legs to help you lift.


Chill Out

Stress is all too often a part of our daily lives, especially if we work high-pressure jobs. But if you have back pain, tension in your muscles can make it worse. A tense muscle is more likely to spasm, causing pain and possible injury. But you can combat stress with a few simple things! Make sure you get enough rest and sleep. Balance is important. You can also use ice packs to relieve your pain – applied for 15 or 20 minutes to the painful area to reduce inflammation. And why not use this time as an excuse to sit down and have a cuppa? We also recommend finding things which work for you to relieve your stress. Maybe it’s a bubble bath or a country walk. Meditation can also be great – and there are loads of apps you can try which help you get started.


In our busy daily lives, it can be easy to forget that we only get one body, and one spine. So you need to take care of it! We build routines into our day to take care of our teeth, skin or diet. But how many people actively look after their spine? What we do it our bodies each day takes its toll – whether it be physical, emotional or chemical. It is important to look after our spine, to prevent big problems down the line. Being proactive today could save you a lot of pain in the future.