Move Over Xbox Thumb - Text Neck Is Here

Text Neck Is Here


With Pokemon Go, Minecraft and other apps becoming popular we are spending more and more time on our smartphones and tablets, which has seen growth in a painful condition commonly referred to as ‘Text Neck’.

Text Neck is a result of poor posture which people adopt when using these devices. Having your head hung forward looking down at the screen for long periods of time can lead to tightness across the shoulders, soreness in the neck and even chronic headaches.

The good news is that there are ways to alleviate your muscular pain and discomfort before your conditions gets worse. These are as follows:
• Bring the device to your eye level. If you are using the device in bed or on the sofa, then use a cushion or pillow to prop the device up to reduce the bending of the neck.
• Take frequent breaks – we recommend taking a break from looking at the screen every 30 minutes.
• Adopt a good posture when sitting or standing, keep the back upright and engage the back muscles.


There are plenty of great exercises to help you with your posture, ask your chiropractor.

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