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Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

Here at our clinic, our massage therapists are qualified in all sorts of massage techniques. One of their skills is pregnancy massage. Having massage while pregnant has many benefits both physical and psychological. Your body is going through a lot of changes as you grow that little one in your tummy. As your bump grows, […]

We’ve Got Some News…

Hello! We’ve got some wonderful news to share with you. We are expecting our first baby!  Baby Williams will be arriving at the end of May / beginning of June, which means Zoe will be taking her maternity leave at the end of April. If you would like to book in an appointment with her […]


Key Facts About Back Pain

Back pain is very common, but can affect people in different ways. A lot of research in recent years has changed the thinking about the best way to deal with back pain. We suggest starting with some basic facts: Back pain is usually not due to any serious disease Most back injuries feel worse than […]


Chiropractic for Kids – What Happens in an Assessment?

How do we assess your child in their first chiropractic appointment? Getting a History When we see a new patient, the appointment usually lasts for an hour. To start with we will listen to the parent or guardian, who explains their concerns and why they have bought the baby, infant or child in to see […]


Chiropractic for Runners

Behind the scenes of a chiropractic check up for runners… When a runner comes in for an assessment, there are many things we will look at. How do we assess a runner? Posture check, especially pelvic and knee alignment, looking out for compensation patterns in joints and muscles Range of motion available in low back […]

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Chiropractic for Kids – The Three Ts

When a child is brought in to see us, there are three main things we look for… the Three T’s: Traumas Thoughts Toxins 1 – Trauma When we ask parents to think of any physical trauma their child has gone through, the usual answer is ‘none’. We tend to think of trauma as dramatic incidents, […]


Chiropractic for Kids

This week we’ll be talking all about how Chiropractic can be great for kids. At TWCC, we treat patients of all ages – our youngest is just a few days old, and our oldest patient is in their 90s! When it comes to children, we treat them a little differently to adults. Chiropractic focuses on […]

A full wallet stuffed into the back pocket of your trousers.

Get Your Wallet Out

Christmas is fast approaching, and we’re ready for a few weeks of gift shopping, family get-togethers and work christmas parties! All those festivities can be a strain on the wallet. But did you know your wallet could be putting a strain on your back?!   Back Pocket Problems Many of us have the habit of […]

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Massage with Kirsty

Last month we were thrilled to welcome Kirsty Harvey as the newest member of our team at Tunbridge Wells Community Chiropractic. Read on to find out more about her, and her style of massage as she answers our Massage FAQs.   What kind of Massage do you offer? I am qualified as a sports rehabilitator […]

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