Tiny ones

For the newborn, entry in to this world is not always easy. There are many times during the pregnancy and labour that trauma to the delicate spine and nervous system could occur.

If your little one has experienced intrauterine constraint, breech position, back to back delivery, cord around the neck, forceps, ventouse or caesarean delivery then we'd certainly recommend a chiropractic check up for them.

Not only is a chiropractic check recommended when there has been physical stress on the baby but also when there has been increased emotional stress (mother or baby), or increased toxicity during the pregnancy or labour.


The rate at which a baby's body grows and develops is extraordinary; in the first two years of a child's life 90% of their neurological foundation is being formed.

Good communication between brain and body is vital at this stage of their life; chiropractic can help ensure they reach their growth and developmental milestones so they get the healthiest start in life possible.

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