We’ve got some exciting news about a series of FREE wellbeing talks we’ll be doing next year! If you are a local business owner, or work locally, then this is for you.


What is the Wellbeing Talk?

The Well-Being Talk is a ‘lunch and learn’ type event held at YOUR office or workplace. Each talk will focus on topics relevant to your workplace, including general wellbeing, stress management, staying healthy at work etc. Each talk lasts 15-20 minutes, and is followed by a Q&A so you can ask all your questions.


Following the talk, your team can sign up for a free 10 Minute Massage appointments. We will provide you with the booking form for this in advance, all you have to do is sign people up! 


What, When and Where?

WHAT: 20 minute talk on the topics relevant to your workplace, including general Well-Being, Stress Management, Staying Healthy at Work etc. 

WHEN: A time and day that suits you! 

WHERE: We come to you, and bring with us everything we need to give the talk and provide massage sessions.



How much does it cost?

The whole event is free to you, and we would also extend an introductory offer on any Initial Consultations should your team members want to follow up in clinic.


Why is it Great for You and Your Team?

  1. Free Health Talk on how to Manage Stress, Reduce Pain, Increase Productivity
  2. Opportunity to sign up to a Free 10 min Massage for your team members
  3. Introductory Offer for any team members who want to come for a full consultation in clinic

Better knowledge allows your team to take ownership of their health, understand the problems they are having, and what they can do to help themselves. It is also a great team-building experience. A healthier team means a happier team. More energy, more productivity, fewer sick days!




Call us today on 01892 543878 to find out more, and to register your interest! Or fill in the form below, and we’ll send you an email with more info.